Thursday, May 28, 2009

We're Getting To That Time...

When Mike and Dave requested that I give them copies of my menus each week, I told them I was really good about making menus during the fall/winter/spring...  during school, when I had to be more organized.  But I can feel us slipping into summer eating mode:  What veggies are around?  What do you feel like grilling tonight?  Should we just have Dairy Queen for dinner instead?

And so, I think I'll present my summer version of my menu plan...  It's a little sketchier, less of a plan and more of a recap, but still tasty...

And by the way, happy Memorial Day, everybody.  Bust out the white shoes!  

Phil wasn't home, and I think my sore sore muscles were so craving protein after my big run last weekend, so I whipped up a huevos rancheros style pile of food on a plate:

Whole grain tortilla, sprinkled with cheese.  Bake in the oven until the cheese is melty.
In a pan, cook up some black beans and salsa.
Chop a tomato.
Fry an egg.

Layer it like this:
Tortilla on the bottom, then beans, then tomato, then egg.


We found a massive amount of morels up north last weekend, and brought some home with us.  We grilled salmon with that lovely barbecue sauce (like a few weeks ago), sauteed the morels in butter and garlic, and sauteed zucchini in a pan.


I have no idea what we'll eat tonight.  We finished the last veggie in the fridge with last night's zucchini...  Going up north for the whole weekend = no grocery shopping gets done.  Doing walk-throughs of Kroger after work is such a dangerous thing for me (I can spend $50 just picking up stuff for dinner).  I know we have turkey burger, so maybe that...  I can just dash into the store for buns, right?  No stopping anywhere else?

I think we need serious grocery shopping this weekend.  Everything's bare.

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