Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 3 - 7

I'm officially starting to taper down my training for the race...  less running, more resting.  This is the time I usually get my pre-race fat, and I always swear to eat more mindfully during the next taper.  But not this week.  Maybe it's because I write my menus when I'm STARVING!!!


Flank steak -- rub with good spices (ancho chile powder, other orange things, salt, pepper), grill, slice thin
Roasted potatoes

Salad with chicken, strawberries, blue cheese, and cashews.  It's a variation on a recipe I saw in this month's Cooking Light.  I'll probably just do a balsamic dressing -- the combination of balsamic vinegar and strawberries makes me salivate an embarrassing amount.

Pasta with whatever we got...  saute veggies, maybe some scallops, perhaps some tomato sauce or pesto (or both!), mix with pasta.  Lots of yummy cheese on top.

That's it for this week.  It's one of those kind of weeks...  a lot of peanut butter will be consumed in the place of actual meals.  Next week might be calmer!

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Rachel said...

I love strawberry salad so you don't think you could come spend your summer in China, do you? If you cooked for us everyday, we might be able to pay for your ticket!!!!

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