Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8 - 12

We saw Anthony Bourdain last night at the Michigan Theatre. Love him, love him, love him. Even though we went to dinner beforehand, I was still hungry again by the time the show was over. And of all the great stuff he talked about (great food, the evilness of Ronald McDonald, why he's going to stop bashing Rachael Ray) the thing that kept popping up in my brain on the way home was noodles. Maybe with pork. And spicy. I don't know that he talked specifically about this, but a combination of topics led me to believe that it's the only thing we can cook tonight for dinner.

Some kind of noodle-y thing with some rice noodles, pork, bok choy, onions, chile paste, soy sauce. It will probably be a "what else should we add" kind of dinner, as opposed to a set-recipe kind of dinner.

Good bread

because I don't usually like eggs, but every now and then crave a fried one where I can cut it and the yolk gets all mixed in with the food underneath it and it's spicy and delicious. And when I crave that, I make huevos rancheros.

Gnocci with tomato sauce

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