Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 29 - December 3

December... yikes!

Using the turkey leftovers I brought home from my mom and dad's dinner -- tenderest turkey EVER! Mom, don't let anyone tease you for getting a good happy chemical-free turkey. It was fabulous! And now, it will be part of one of my favorite soups. The soy sauce makes the difference:

Good bread

Mongolian beef (but with venison -- we're trying to plan our meals based on what's already in the freezer, not just what our latest whim is)

Salmon -- probably oven-roasted, since I think it's supposed to be cold and maybe even snowy, so grilling might be less fun than usual
Sauteed swiss chard
Sweet potatoes -- probably diced, coated with oil, salt and pepper and roasted

Personal pizzas on naan. With whatever veggies are hanging out in the fridge.

Phil's making spaghetti!
No side dishes, he has decreed: the sauce will have everything we could possibly want.

Except maybe bread, for mopping up aforementioned sauce.


the allmens said...

How's the meat? I checked out the website - I like the concept, but it seems expensive! I suppose that (ideally) Rachel and I eat less meat than that per week/month, so that is why it seems pricey.

We did the veggie coop in Chicago for awhile. I would probably be more likely to do that again.

Karen Allmen said...

t's really not a lot -- we got a half share, and so for a month, we get 1 chicken (which we'll roast on a Sunday, use for quesadillas or something, and make stock with the bones). We also got a small roast (about 2 pounds), 2 lbs of ground meat (1 beef, 1 buffalo), and 1 piece of pork that would make more lovely soup, with split peas or beans or something. So, I'm hoping to make a "big thing" each week (the chicken, maybe beef burgundy w/ the roast, the split pea soup) and then something with the ground stuff. But it's different every month, so who knows? We also get a dozen eggs, and that's the only thing I've eaten so far -- had to make huevos rancheros right away.

We did the math, and I think it should work out to about $6/pound (if we get 10 pounds per month, which was the estimate).

I think I'm going to like it because it's hard to find grass-fed, or non-antibiotic-filled, or non-feed lot meat on a regular basis. This way, I know I'm getting some without having to search too hard. And if it's too much, I'm happy to make chili for the neighbors.

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