Saturday, October 24, 2009

October 24 - 31

We've been defrosting this 11-pound chicken for a few days. It's almost thawed -- we plan to roast it tomorrow. My mom knows a chicken farmer who raises these big guys. The farmer says this breed just grows to be giant... so anyway, we'll try it and see. Needless to say, when I heard my mom was planning on buying some chickens from someone she knew, I never anticipated the one she'd get for me would be bigger than some turkeys.

Agricultural monstrosities aside, it looks to be a pretty regular week... nothin' fancy. It's cold and windy and rainy now, and I just want to stay home and cook things so the stove and oven will create warmth and good smells. And maybe if I cook good stuff, I'll be less tempted to break into all the Halloween candy I finally bought today...

And so...


Homemade pizza. I'm trying a new crust, since the two recipes I have require more machinery than I care to wash right now (one is for a bread machine, the other for the Cuisinart). Just basic pizza crust with a mix of white and whole wheat flour, then just regular stuff: sauce, mozzarella, ham, onion, mushroom, red pepper...

Salad to go with it


We're gonna roast a giant chicken! (We'll use the extra later this week, and I might try to freeze some of the meat -- I have no idea how cooked chicken freezes -- and I hope to make stock with the giant chicken's bones)
Roasted brussels sprouts


Chicken quesadillas (with leftover chicken, duh)


Pasta with chicken, veggies and pesto


Take out! Yummmmmmmm


Happy Halloween... I think we're making chili -- good for munching between trick-or-treaters.

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