Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 25 - 29

I'm ready to eat stuff that's fresh-grown... I keep checking the secret asparagus spots, but it's still a little too early, I think. Our rhubarb has come up, though, so I found a recipe we can use for dinner. Yay for the first home-grown produce of the season!

Lamb chops with strawberry rhubarb sauce (this comes from the book Simply Organic by Jesse Ziff Cool): rub some lamb chops with garlic, rosemary, salt, pepper. Let them sit. In a pan, saute some chopped red onion, then add some thinly sliced rhubarb, then some balsamic, then some sliced strawberries, sugar, and nutmeg. Simmer. Broil the chops, then serve with the sauce.

We'll also have mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.

The 8 minute dinner:
Venison chops: super-quick sear/saute in a pan, just a bit of salt and pepper

Pasta with zucchini, mushrooms and tomato sauce

Grilled sole with capers and olive oil -- do it on a piece of foil, and it gets sort of browned and crispy and lovely, then sprinkle a little lemon juice right at the end.

Banana pancakes (with a shout-out to Alan and Rachel, who introduced us to this wonderful, wonderful thing)
turkey sausage

And for the weekend...
As of now, the paper says rain for next weekend. So already I'm thinking big pot of weekend soup. With actual soup bones, and hours of simmering, and stuff like that. If the forecast changes, the plans might change too. But for now, that's what we're going with...

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