Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28 - March 4

It's almost March! It's almost March! I'm so ready... I ran outside this afternoon, and was reminded how much thinking I'm able to do when I run outside instead of on the treadmill with DVDs of Dexter blaring on the TV. I planned this week's menu during the run!

Grilled salmon on salad. I'm thinking sliced apples, toasted pine nuts, red pepper, and anything else yummy laying around the veggie drawers. Balsamic dressing, of course... I'm still loving my vinegar-Christmas gift!

Slow-cooker day: We'll do one of the little venison roasts in the slow cooker: Brown the roast, put in the cooker, add some water, a giant quartered onion, some carrots, mushrooms, salt and pepper, maybe a few potatoes. We'll serve it with something green and simple... maybe peas!

Ravioli with portobello mushrooms, spinach, and roasted red pepper: Cook the ravioli. Meanwhile, saute mushrooms in a pan, add some sliced peppers (I'm still using the ones I canned last fall). Maybe some garlic. When the ravioli's cooked, put it in the pan with the veggies, then add some spinach. Stir around for a minute, season, serve with parmesan cheese.

Basic veggie soup:
Saute an onion and some garlic. Add some chopped carrot and celery. Add some canned tomato, some water or stock, bring to a simmer. Add other veggies (I'm raiding the freezer for this soup, so anything I froze last summer or fall is fair game: corn, peas, green beans, zucchini, yellow squash). Add some beans -- garbanzo or cannellini -- and heat. Season as needed.

Vegetable fried rice:
I must be in a veggie mood this week!
Saute an onion, sliced top to bottom, some mushrooms, red pepper, bok choy, broccoli. Add cold, pre-cooked brown rice. Add some soy sauce and chili paste with garlic, then stir it all up. Make a space in the middle of the pan, scramble two eggs in the space. When they're cooked, mix them in with the rest of the stuff. Chop some scallions and sprinkle on top.

Have a lovely week! Happy March!

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