Sunday, September 13, 2009

Time to get back in gear

This new-job-get-home-and-stare-glassy-eyed-until-someone-orders-take-out phase has to end soon. There are too many styrofoam and cardboard containers in our lives right now. I miss vegetables. I have big plans to cook for real this week. But I'll try to go easy...

So here's our plan:

Sunday (the first football Sunday, even):
with good bread

And Phil's planning on making some decadent mid-afternoon snack for football watching, probably involving some sort of boxed cheese product, so we'll pretend dinner's healthy by calling it salad. With steak. And more cheese.


Grilled salmon
Lentils (I've been craving them lately) probably cooked then sauteed with a bit of onion, garlic, maybe red pepper?
Sauteed greens -- maybe chard, maybe spinach


Yummy bread


Leftovers, probably. Or take-out, if the withdrawal is too much to bear.


Gnocci with tomato sauce and sausage. I bought some gnocci at the Clarkston Farmers' Market a few weeks ago, and have been anxious to try it. It's spicy red pepper, so I thought it might be yummy with sausage. We have some spicy Italian chicken sausage in the freezer. We shall see.

That's the plan! Wish me luck...

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