Sunday, November 30, 2008

November 30 - December 4

I think that life will get crazier before it gets saner, at least for the next few weeks.  Our strategy this week is to make two big pots of yummy food that we can eat all week long...  'cause we have no idea when we'll be where, or where we'll be when.  And so, this week we'll be eating:

With lovely homemade stock...  I rescued the turkey carcass from Thanksgiving dinner and will simmer stock today.   It's pretty easy -- just turkey bones, a whole bunch of water in a big pot, get it boiling, add some celery, carrots, a couple onions cut in half (keep the skins on -- they give good color) maybe a little garlic, some parsley, peppercorns, thyme.  Simmer for a good long time until the stock is reduced by 1/4 to 1/2.  Cool and strain everything out through cheesecloth.  Put it in the fridge, and use it tomorrow.  When it's cool, sometimes you can pull some fat off the top if you want to go low-fat.  Or just heat all that fatty goodness back in.

2.  Spaghetti.  This isn't my recipe -- it's Phil's creation.  I don't know what he puts in it, but it takes all day long and is spicy and sometimes has meatballs and is quite wonderful.  So, I can't offer any more than that.  But I bet there will be garlic bread, and we'll probably have a vegetable too. 

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