Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 20 - 24

Oh, it's so wonderful and summery, isn't it?  Visited TWO different farmers' markets on Saturday, and so the fridge is overflowing with late spring veggies now.  The grill will be working overtime this week, as it rightly should when it's sunny and gorgeous out (and, frankly, in January as well.  I just love my grill.).

Here's our plan for the week!

Farmers' market extravaganza!  Got some lovely little tenderloin steaks from the folks at Maitland Family Farms (it's all grass fed and quite yummy), but they're not quite enough for a whole meal, so we'll add a few grilled scallops as well.

My favorite part...  the sides.  We're grilling purple asparagus, tiny little baby carrots, and wild leeks (aka ramps) brushed in a bit of olive oil and salted and peppered.

A bunch of kale in a bit of olive oil and salt, wrapped in foil and tossed on the grill.

Oven-roasted sweet potato wedges.

Here it is:

At first I was worried that the picture was inserted sideways.  But it's a picture of a round plate.  There isn't actually a top, is there?

Turkey burgers with sauteed mushrooms and onions
Grilled veggies (more carrots!  more asparagus!)
Salad (maybe with some blue cheese, but maybe with feta.  It'll be a game-time decision.  But there will be balsamic vinegar for dressing.)

Grilled veggies (you guessed it...  Carrots!  Asparagus!  But maybe also broccoli.  Or peppers.)


Crab cakes (my recipe is sort of vague, but it involves canned crab, an egg, some chopped red onion, chopped red bell pepper, mustard, a bit of sriracha, maybe a bit of mayo if it still needs something to hold it together.  Form them into cakes, pat with a bit of panko on the outside.  Heat oil in a pan, cook the cakes for a few minutes on each side (4 or so?) until the outsides are crispy and they're warmed all the way through.) Since it's grilling weather, I might try to cook these on the grill instead.  Have to think about this...

Oven-roasted sweet potatoes

Yum.  Have a beautiful week.

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