Friday, July 22, 2011

Almost Chocolate Town

So, one of our favorite up-north places to eat and drink is Short's Brewery. We visited recently for the first time this summer, and were sad to find out that our favorite sandwich had been taken off the menu. We asked, and they said they just keep the menu offerings rotating on and off -- so we have hope it will be back!

But we were both really craving it, so we decided to try it for ourselves. It wasn't as fabulous as theirs, but we thought it was a good first effort. And we plan to keep trying -- changing ratios of ingredients, the way we layer them on the sandwich, etc.

So, their sandwich is called Chocolate Town, and it features blue cheese, bacon, and barbecue sauce. I know. It's just fa-a-a-bulous.

Here's our attempt:

We started with baguette, which we toasted a bit.
Then, on the bottom half, we sprinkled blue cheese.
Next came the bacon.
Then some black forest ham.

On the top half, we spread barbecue sauce, then more ham.

Toasted it all a bit, then added sliced tomato and lettuce.

Put it all together, served with coleslaw.

Not bad for a first attempt. I think we'll need to try this 20 or 30 more times, though, to get it just right...


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