Sunday, June 27, 2010

True Confessions of a Road Trip Eater

So we came out of the woods on a grueling, rainy Friday. Checked into a hotel, showered and warmed up, then headed out for a lovely dinner. All was fine.


I woke up Saturday morning VERY early and VERY hungry. Something about the first recovery day after lots and lots of exertion. And just as my co-paddlers insisted I post our camping meals (see below), they also requested that I post my food exploits of Saturday.

7 a.m.: Free breakfast at the hotel. We planned to meet for real breakfast at 9:00, so I just snuck down for coffee and a lovely local donut. Not a big donut girl, but this was GOOD.

8:45 am: Back for second breakfast. Figured we'd get there a bit early to save seats for Alan and Rachel. Donuts were gone, but I had yogurt, an orange, bagel with cream cheese, and more coffee. And a sausage.

11:30 am: Found the donut store where the really good donuts came from. Had a sugared cake donut. Others were able to save theirs for later. Me -- not so much.

Phil and Rachel liked the donut place too.

1:00 pm: Stopped at a gas station. Stocked up on bottled water, diet coke, and Doritos. In the car over the next two hours, grazed on Doritos, pita chips, artichoke dip (from a really good organic co-op in Grand Marais) and cherries (from the co-op as well).

3:30 pm: Onion rings from Burger King.

7:30 pm: Culver's for dinner. Never been before, so I just copied Alan, who seemed to be quite familiar with the place: Bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a peanut butter cup blizzard (or whatever they call them there). I know. It pains me to type it.

Does it count for anything that I couldn't finish my ice cream?

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the allmens said...

Thank you for your true confessions. It is good for the public to know that no person is above the temptations of a fresh donut, bacon cheeseburger, or peanut butter cups.

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