Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 29 - April 2

Happy happy spring!  The tulips and daylily leaves are poking through the ground.  Makes me want to eat light lovely things.  The weather forecast says snow.  Makes me want to lay in bed and eat soup.  So this week, we'll compromise...

Another note:  I'm aware of the amount of pasta and potatoes that show up in this menu...  My miles are really starting to increase in my training, and I'm compensating by eating lots of yummy noodles.  So, no pasta-abuse intervention is necessary.  I don't have a problem and I can quit whenever I want.  Honest.

We're gonna roast a giant chicken!  We bought it a while ago at the farmer's market -- it's almost 8 pounds.  EIGHT.  It's been in the freezer waiting for a time when we'd:  1.  have time to roast the sucker, and then, 2.  have time later in the week to make lots of chicken-using dishes.  And apparently, that time is now.

Giant roast chicken -- no idea how long that'll take to cook
Oven-roasted brussels sprouts and potatoes

Pasta with chicken, pesto, mushrooms, artichokes, garlic, etc.


but without the salami...  

roasted sweet potato

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